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The 8th JazzFest White Plains celebrates jazz culture and community with internationally renowned musicians from 11 to 15 September. The five-day festival is hosted by the New York State Department of Music (NYSDM) and the Bids for Jazz Foundation (BID), a nonprofit organization.

Jazz Jam Audience members can register for a jazz jam led by Bob Marley, jazz director of the New York State Department of Music. You will find two different courses to promote the children's love of music. The courses are offered at Sounds Good Westchester, which is located mainly on Sound Shore. This learning center offers lessons for children up to 4 years of age who can play in a variety of music styles, such as jazz, blues, rock, country, folk, classical and jazz rock.

Gymboree offers four music courses starting at 6 months and lasting up to 5 years, including family music lessons. At all three Westchester locations, you can find a class that works for your family, or enjoy a music class with a live band of three. Each semester, the family receives a new CD, an illustrated songbook full of music - ideas for making and a collection of songs that complement their experience and that they can download for free.

If you are in White Plains for a longer period of time and would like to take advantage of all of these opportunities, please contact Gymboree for more information and to get informed.

Participating artists include emerging musicians and rising stars who are taking jazz in new directions. Show your pride in Westchester by tuning in to the program featuring jazz artists with deep roots and connections to West Chester County.

Jorge, who recently graduated from the Conservatory, focused on the visual arts of music.

I am proud to have served the Westchester Conservatory of Music for over a year, and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve the students, faculty, staff, students and the surrounding area. As the only school in New York State recognized by the National Association of Music Schools, the Conservatory inspires and contributes to the vibrant music life of the county and region, and has inspired generations of students. I am fortunate enough to have worked for many years as a music teacher, music director, assistant director and head of education at music colleges in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, Florida and Washington. Since its foundation in 1953, it has contributed and inspired a lively musical life in our county, our region and contributed to our lively artistic life and our community.

We are one of three FBO providers operating in White Plains, New York State, with locations in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida and Washington, D.C. We are located in a number of shopping malls in White Plains, including the Old White Plains Mall, Westchester Town Center Mall and East Village Mall. The Old White Plains Mall offers a wide selection of restaurants, a variety of retail outlets and of course Whole Foods high quality ready meals.

Try the zoo and botanical gardens on Arthur Avenue, or catch a bus from the Bronx to the White Plains Town Center Mall at the corner of Westchester Avenue and Arthur Street. We are also located in the heart of the city, just a few blocks from New York's Central Park.

However, the most popular attraction in White Plains is the North subway station, which puts travelers in the heart of Manhattan on an express train for 35 minutes. The airport is located just a few blocks from the city center and is home to many wealthy residents. Interstate 287, which connects us to the Tappan Zee Bridge to the west, has several exits that drop you off at the Westchester County Courthouse and on the New York-New Jersey border.

There is no doubt that there are few local products in White Plains, but we do a good job of it, and most of the major retailers are based in the city. The center of our nightlife is located at the intersection of Main Street and Westchester Avenue, just blocks from the airport.

The Westchester Conservatory of Music will present "Keep the Music Playing," a virtual concert for the community, on Friday, May 8, at 12 noon. JazzFest will take place on Saturday, April 29, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the White Plains Convention Center. Keep the music Playing, presented by the Media Arts Center of New York City and the New York Jazz Festival. The virtual concert will be broadcast live on Friday, May 8, 12 noon, and Sunday, May 9, 12 noon to 3 pm in the Town Hall Hall. Keeping the Music Playing, "is presented by the Westchester Music Academy.

The Stars Lagond Music School, "presented by the Westchester Conservatory of Music and the New York Jazz Festival. Starlight Starbright Music will host "Music for Classes" at City Hall on Friday, May 8, from 12: 00 to 15: 00 and on Sunday, April 29, from 10: 00 to 16: 00.

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More About White Plains