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The Liberty were bought by the Brooklyn Nets in 2019 and will move to Barclays Center in 2020. The team will play in an arena large enough to accommodate two basketball courts, a basketball court and an end zone, although there is a misconception that the field is marked as a 50-yard field, but it is actually 38 yards. The arena will host the New York Red Bulls, New Jersey Nets and Philadelphia 76ers in 2019.

The All-American Basketball Alliance played its first game here in 1978 and in 1985 at the County Center. The American basketball league, the American League, has been playing here since 1978.

In the fall of 2014, it was home to the first ever game of the New York Red Bulls at the County Center. In 2018, it became the first NBA All-Star Game in the United States, a game against the Los Angeles Clippers.

In 1924, the Westchester Recreation Commission designed the County Center as a venue for commercial events such as concerts, concerts and sporting events. The Grand opened in 1924 with a grand opening ceremony at Grand Central Terminal in New York City and was designed by the architectural firm Walker Gillette and built and decorated in Art Deco style. It was held on the first Sunday of the month and attracted thousands to listen to music, dance, music and dance performances, as well as music from around the world.

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More About White Plains