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R trainee high school student Noe works as a social worker in the New York State Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. She works with people with mental disabilities and developmental disorders and has a recognised equivalence in the training course for working with people with mental health problems and substance abuse, which is approved in the State of New York, as well as recognised training courses for people with developmental and mental disabilities.

The ideal candidate must have a background in working with young people and families, a desire to help others and the ability to work in a related field. Applicants should have at least two years of experience in social work and experience working in youth or families. The ideal candidate must have a high school diploma or equivalent from a public or private school in upstate New York and, as an adult, should have a background that played a role in psychiatric or substance abuse in adult work.

Maintain and build effective working relationships and good relationships with superiors, program officials, employees and others. Maintain, build and maintain effective working relationships with other employees in the White Plains community.

At Crowne Plaza (r), we want our guests to feel like they are doing their best, achieving their goals and being recognized for their success. It is vital for our organization to be a safe place to express your true identity and not expose anyone in the CVJM community to prejudice.

Our common mission is to strengthen our community by helping people of all ages and backgrounds to overcome emotional, cognitive, physical and social challenges. Our common mission: We are committed to strengthening the community through education, mentoring, education, outreach and community engagement to help people of all ages and backgrounds overcome emotions, mental health and other social and emotional challenges, as well as support and support for those who need support from our staff and associates. We have been leading the development of the CVJM community for over 30 years and have over 20 years of experience as an organizer and volunteer.

Our common mission: We serve the needs of our community through our mission - based programs and services such as education, outreach and community engagement. You will serve in various roles within the CVJM community, as a board member for our Mission-Based Programs and Services, and as an active participant in our Community Engagement Program. Our common goal: You should serve on the board of directors for all White Plains New York missions based on your mission. You will be representing the White PLAINS Community Engagement Program, with a focus on education and community outreach.

The CVJM of White Plains and Central Westchester is looking for a Certified Community Engagement Coordinator (CEC) for the White Plains office. The candidate will work 35 hours a week, including evening hours, and is expected to work up to one day a week, working at least 5 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The ideal candidate will have a high level of communication skills and a strong sense of community. The Certified Community Engagement Coordinator (CEC) for the White Plains office will always be professional, step in when needed and have experience across a wide range of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. This experience creates a complex budget and ability to speak Russian, as well as a good understanding of the local community and its needs. He or she will not only have a comprehensive background in the public relations of the communities, but also a great knowledge of local business and economic development.

The ideal candidate must have experience of dealing with ID / DD populations, have CPR certification, have a practicing nurse (as required by local and state authorities), and have knowledge of supervisory and administrative practices to foster team work and staff development. Must be able to operate a 13 "car transporter and must have a valid driving license and vehicle. The ideal candidates must have experience as a practicing nurse, CPR certification, a valid vehicle license, experience in emergency medical services and experience with a variety of medical equipment and devices.

The new coordinator will share the belief that children with social and emotional problems can succeed with support, guidance and guidance. The deputy director is responsible for demonstrating a strong commitment to excellence in the program that improves the quality of life of children and their families at White Plains Children's Hospital.

If you are an expert in what you do, you can build confidence by playing the role and seeing it and adapting your style to the pace of your guests that we do. Hotel discounts are available and you work with a great team of staff, so please contact us for information.

Psychiatric workers benefit from an education credit waiver under a federal program to improve services in underserved areas. WJCS is currently looking for a qualified psychiatric worker with experience in mental health and / or mental health services who works as part of the Holocaust Survivors Program. In this position, the selected candidate is responsible for conducting home visits to evaluate and re-evaluate clients for home care and maintains all necessary contacts with clients. Other tasks include assisting in the screening of applicants, maintaining waiting lists for appointments, submitting ISS budgets and monitoring the habilitation services of municipalities. Holocaust survivors must provide papers to receive additional benefits and help fill out their application with the National Health and Human Services Administration (HHS), as well as submit papers and work.